James Minerva

Practice Director, Construction Services

Butch is the Practice Director for Boston and Seeberger’s construction services program.

His construction services expertise spans several decades with in depth experience in design engineering and knowledge of all construction disciplines including, structural steel, concrete, mechanical and construction closeout and building commissioning.

As a design engineering professional Butch has worked in the manufacturing, institutional and commercial spaces with clients including Dupont, BASF and a suite of engagements with colleges and universities throughout the Eastern and Western regions. 

In addition to working with Boston and Seeberger, Butch has managed a vast portfolio of capital construction projects with construction management firm Greyhawk. Projects include capital construction projects from inception through completion including pre-construction, design, site development, permit acquisition, estimating, scheduling and contract administration.

Butch’s customer focused approach and successful collaborative management approach with project owners, architects and contractors has enabled many successes throughout the practice 

He has successfully implemented leading edge “smart classroom” technologies and implemented LEED projects throughout many municipal and institutional projects throughout the portfolio.

Butch has mentored many colleagues throughout the firm and has established best practices and standards in construction management companywide.