William Nelson

Program Director, S.E., Health Planning and Commercial Accounts

William Nelson is a Senior S.E. leading Boston and Seeberger’s OSHPD and high density commercial projects program initiative within California and the US.  William specializes in seismic high performance structures, Healthcare facilities, high rises and post-tension. William is established in seismic safety building standards including OSHPD and an array of National and International building codes and standards for building seismic performance and safety performance in an earthquake or disaster.

In addition to new construction of Healthcare facilities and multi-story structures, William has also lead a program of seismic performance evaluation services and designing of retrofit strategies to bring existing buildings up to seismic and safety compliance. 

Prior to becoming a Senior S.E., William completed his education in Architectural Engineering from California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo, CA. 

Mr. Nelson is actively involved in the Structural Engineers Association of Southern California promoting the implementation of state of the art design and technology.  As a result of his involvement in SEAOSC, his designs reflect the latest developments in structural systems, codes, and material properties.  William has also previously held a position as a Committee Chairperson of the SEAOSC and has been an active contributing member since 1986.